Whether starting a colt, or helping you to better understand your horse, or helping to solve any problems the two of you may have, I can help.

I will be making regular updates to my schedule, photos, etc. so please check back soon and often! Here is a link to my previous site. New Clinic Dates for 2009 are posted on the Schedule!

My goal in Horsemanship is to help you find a friendship with your horse--to help him to learn through teaching with the instinctional, natural language of the horse and not forcing him with gimmicks or pressure. As you learn more on how the horse thinks and moves, there is nothing the two of you can't achieve. With this method you can gain confidence and learn to prepare your horse for any situation or maneuver. This process will also give you a friend and partner that you can learn to learn together on the ground or on his back.

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